Gita-Anushilanam/गीतानुशीलनम  2021

(Online Bhagavad Gita Competition)

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⭐A Great opportunity for all age groups

You will be pleased to know that ISKCON Ranchi in association with Bhaktivedanta Club, IIT Kanpur & IIT Patna, Learn Gita Live Gita,  is organizing biggest online International Gita competition Gita-Anushilanam 2021 to celebrate Gita Jayanti for students.

👨‍🎓This year events include:

Jigyasa – Gita Quiz Competition

Gitavani – Gita Shloka Recitation Competition

Rahasyam – Gita Riddle Solving Competition

Vacham – Gita Speech Competition


# Competitions are conducted in Hindi & English.

#  More than 100 preparatory sessions online by senior Gita Mentors

# Registrations are open until 14-December-2021 midnight

(zero participation fees)

# Prizes will be announced on 9-January-2022 over a live event

#  For more info & registration:

📱 Contact@ 8599015366, 9955596053, 8210625262