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“Children have real understanding of that which they invent themselves.”

Co-curricular activities refer to activities, programmes and learning experiences that compliment, in some way, what students are learning in school, i.e., experiences that are connected to or mirror the academic curriculum. Co-curricular activities facilitate the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual development, emotional development. Social development, moral and aesthetic development.

Hindi Diwas

“The single thread that unites the whole of India is the language of Hindi. “
Swami Dayanand
“Hindi Diwas “was celebrated on 14th September at Bridgeford School, during morning prayer meeting.The day is dedicated to promote and celebrate the cultural heritage of Hindi –the official language .
Aditya Sharma of std.8 and Sonam kumari of std.9 expressed their views and highlighted the rich history and tradition of Hindi language through a speech and a poetry. Lavanya of std.6 performed a mesmerizing dance on the song ‘Hindi language is the language of the nation’. The Vice Chairperson of the school, Mrs. Priyanka Jalan, Principal Mrs. Seema Chitlangia and
Secondary section incharge Mrs.Suparna Banerjee were present on the occasion.Students were urged to be proud of Hindi language and to speak it in the public domain without any hesitation.
The program was conducted by Mrs.Abha Tripathi.

Sanskrit Diwas & Raksha Bandhan celebrations

Sanskrit Diwas celebrations at Bridgeford School,Tupudana

Sanskrit is the mother of most of the living languages. It is a scientific language that many of the languages directly borrow grammar and vocabulary from Sanskrit.
The school choir sang a euphonious song about what the Sanskrit language is.The students also put up an impeccable show, successfully conveying the message to the audience.
Knowledge and wisdom attracts numerous people to find that the deeper levels of spirituality that the people are looking exists in Sanskrit literature.

Independence Day Celebration

Freedom in the mind,
Faith in the words…
Pride in our soul…
Let’s salute the Nation on this auspicious day.

The flying colours of freedom and joy hoisted very high at Bridgeford School,Tupudana. The school decorated with tricolor saffron, white and green balloons and flags welcomed the eyes of all to the function. The day highlighted the never to be forgotten, glory and sacrifices made by the great martyrs, the warriors of India. At Bridgeford , the students performed a series of brilliant acts like theme play, dance, speeches, songs and other enactments to uplift the sense of Human Excellence

The ceremony started at 9:30 AM in the school campus with large crowd of staff and students.

To commemorate the sovereignty of our Nation, The Chief guest, Shri Rakesh Kumar, General Manager,Ranchi Smart City Corporation Ltd. and Principal of our School unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the National Anthem and expressed the joy of our freedom.
The students of Choir group of Std.Vl-Xand Xl-Xll in their melodious voices sang the Patriotic song that awakened everyone’s feelings towards the Mother Land.

The program culminated with vote of thanks. At the end sweets were distributed to the students. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and Unity in Diversity.

Motivational Session

“One way to retain the stimulus of your objective in motion is to incessently keep on stalking it”.

Grownup students aspire for personal space and tend to get confused in career choices.Guidance and motivation play pivotal role as students are into transitional phase of life.
To encourage the students and showcase them the role of performance in class 12 ; Bridgeford School,Tupudana organised motivational session for the students of Senior Secondary .
Mr.Santosh Dev Thakur (Bridgeford Alumnus) , a young motivational speaker who has spoken at different IIMS, ITS , ISB and other prestigious institutions and is a political trainner for BJP and BJD party and the author of “Who Made Engineering A Joke “, chalked out some time from his busy schedule to encourage the students .His words took the aura of motivational speaking by storm.
His captivating words had an incredible ability to awaken the potential within each student.Through his insightful messages he touched the hearts of the students leaving an indelible mark of inspiration . Students were uplifted and motivated as they witnessed to his wisdom and insights.
Honourable Vice Chairperson Mrs.Priyanka Jalan, Principal Mrs.Seema Chitlangia and worthy Incharge of Senior Secondary Mr.Rajnish Lal encouraged the programme.

An Art Integrated - Interdisciplinary Exhibition 2023

The Aqueous Mirage – An Art Integrated – Interdisciplinary Exhibition,2023

“Art is one of the universal languages that all human beings understand and use to communicate. We use art to appreciate who we are, our places in the world and the meaning of our lives….”

This exhibition explored the many ways in which we are all connected to the sea.

With their hard work and creativity students tried to reach out to the public and showcased the beauty and importance of the sea to our daily life and our future.

By using art and science, culture and technology we visualized the threats but also the solutions in an interactive way. Foremost, we hoped our visitors come away inspired and compelled to act and care for our seas and marine life underwater.
The Exhibition was inaugurated by Sri A.K Rana, Senior Advisor CMPDI and it was judged by Mr.Vivek Kumar Tripathi, Senior Manager,CMPDI.The hard work put in by everyone involved was applauded by them.

The parents were very happy to watch the colorful displays of their wards and lauded the efforts of the students who under the guidance of their teachers had put up an amazing array of the marine life. Vice Chairperson, Mrs.Priyanka Jalan, Principal, Mrs.Seema Chitlangia , Section Incharge,Suparna Banerjee and staff applauded the students for their creative flair and such exhibitions which serve to motivate and instill confidence in the young minds. They also appreciated the efforts put in by the students in making the event a grand success.

Yoga Day -2023

International Yoga Day Celebrations at Bridgeford School,Tupudana

” Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ” is the theme for this year’s International Yoga Day 2023, which beautifully captures our shared aspiration for “One Earth, One Family, and One Future.”
It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well-being.

The students performed various asanas to bring out the importance of yoga in serving better mental health practices in our lives. The asanas also help in maintaining a steady posture and reduce mental tiredness, stress and anxiety. Students also prepared posters to create awareness on Yoga. They conveyed a message that practising yogasanas regularly can help to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind. It is a movement dedicated to the youth to inspire them to come together for the sustainability and global harmony.
The celebration concluded with the speech by the Principal, Mrs. Seema Chitlangia . She encouraged students to practice regular yoga to remain fit and improve concentration.

As very well said-

” Yoga is a light which once lit will never dim, the better your practice the brighter your flame…”

Inter- House Quiz Competition, 2023

” Knowledge is key, quizzes are the way.”

Bridgeford believes that the children should acquire knowledge in all fields of life – for example, science, sports, mythology, literature, etc. and to enhance their knowledge, Bridgeford School, Tupudana organises the Inter-House Quiz every year. All the five houses take part in this competition. Each team comprises of at least one member from Grade VI – Grade X.

This year’s Inter-House Quiz Competition was scheduled on 13th of May, 2023.
Firstly, a preliminary round was conducted, out of which 30students qualified for the Semi Finals and finally, 10 students moved for the Finals.
All the teams performed enthusiastically rendering their best performance.

The following were the winners :-

1st Prize : Aravali House

2nd Prize: Himadri House

3rd Prize. : Vindhya House

All the spectators and the students enjoyed the quiz thoroughly and found it a very informative and knowledge enriching experience.

Model G20 Summit
“Model G20 Summit 2023:Forging A Path Towards Sustainable Development “

Model G20 Summit  2023 ,was organised  by the  student council and literary  club of  Bridgeford School, Tupudana . MG20 exactly replicated ,the G20  summit where the delegates   spoke on behalf of their representative country, as it was a  group of premier forum for international economic cooperation and the agenda was ‘Sustainable Development’.

During the event, the students actively participated in deliberations and negotiations while representing their respective G20 countries. The delegates presented the interests and perspectives of their assigned country. It was a moment of great pride to see the active participation of our hone students  as delegates, presenters, ,a team of international press that consisted of  journalists and photographers .

The summit was conducted under the superintendence of Vice Chairperson, Bridgeford Group Of Education ,Mrs. Priyanka Jalan. Mrs.Seema Chitlangia, Principal  Bridgeford School graced the occasion and encouraged the students.

The occasion was truly honoured by the presence of the Chief Guest, Dr.Shreya Pandey,  Assistant Professor at the Political Science Department of St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi.She has been serving the world by her intense knowledge. During the program she helped participants to foster a deeper understanding and critical thinking about their respective countries .In her closing remarks, Dr. Pandey praised the efforts of the MG20  and inspired the participants to continue learning and growing

Based on the judge’s evaluation the participants were categorised as:


First rank holder Ayush kumar (Saudi Arabia)

Second rank holder Prakhar Tiwary(European Countries)

Third rank Devansh Pandey (India)


Sankalp (First rank)

Shloka Jain(Second rank)

Shree(Third rank)

Best Journalist prize was bagged by Apoorva Dubey and Gaurav Kumar for the category of best photographer. Memento was presented by the dignitaries to the participants as a token of appreciation.

Overall, the G20 summit was a successful gathering and the students who participated in this  event were able to develop skills in diplomacy, public speaking, and teamwork, while gaining a deeper understanding of the complexities of international relations and global issues.The oration of thanx was given by Senior Secondary Incharge, Mr. Rajnish Lal,   he appreciated the participants and literary club members. Ms.Seema Tiwari, organiser  of the event said that such initiatives  provide platform for the students  to develop and enhance their leadership and literary skills. The program  was great success and was highly appreciated..

Everything was flawlessly executed and mentored by  Senior Secondary Literary Club.

Inter House Drawing Competition

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see…”

The beautiful thing about Art is that each piece of work is a fascinating expression of its creator’s imagination of the world around him. Here is a peek into the Inter House Drawing Competition that was organized by Bridgeford School, Tupudana on 29th April ,2023 for all the students of Classes VI to VIII.

The topics given were as under :-

Class VI : Poster making on “Swachha Bharat”

Class VII : Poster Making on “Save Fuel”

Class VIII : Draw an “Underwater Scene”

The competition began with great enthusiasm and each student created a piece of art reflecting the topics given. By the end of the day, education opportunities became fun and exciting for them.We are proud of our young fine artists.

Orientation Programme

An Orientation Programme was conducted in Bridgeford school on 25th April, 2023(Tuesday)for the students of class 11th in the School Auditorium, ‘The Hive’ .Mrs.Seema Chitlangia, Principal, Bridgeford School, in her Inaugural Address, welcomed the students. She asked them to work hard from the very beginning. She also advised them to stay away from procrastination and excessive use of Social Media. The Vice-Chairperson ,Bridgeford Group of Education, Mrs. Priyanka Jalan, motivated students to participate in various Co-Scholastic activities. She asked them to feel free and celebrate their unique individualities at Bridgeford. Senior Secondary Incharge, Mr.Rajnish Lal,apprised the students of the rules and regulations of school, assessment procedure and various club activities to be conducted on every Saturday. He encouraged them to become the law abiding and responsible citizens of this country. He wished them all the best for their new beginning at Bridgeford .

Inter-House English Essay Writing Competition

” Write, until it becomes as a natural breathing. Write, until not writing makes you anxious..”

Creative writing expresses the writer’s thoughts and feelings in an imaginative way.
An Inter-House English Essay Writing Competition was organized at Bridgeford School, Tupudana on April 20, 2023 wherein all students of classes VI – VIII participated.

This competition helped students improve their spellings, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts, and develop use of correct English. As a result, children are able to read and write more effectively.

Children participated earnestly in the competition. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all.


“Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence .”
Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the “Father or the Chief Architect” of the Indian Constitution was not only the man of age and builder of the Constitution but also the creator of social justice and betterment of the downtrodden. Thought provoking and provocative, his life is highly, instructive to everyone who yearns for human dignity and equality in human relation in society.

To pay a tribute to the great soul “Ambedkar Jayanti” was celebrated at Bridgeford School. On this occasion ,the students from classes VI to IX conducted a special assembly to commemorate his teachings . Archit Gupta, dressed up as Baba Saheb Ambedkar presented his thoughts. Akshat Mittal and Aditya Sharma threw light on Ambedkar’s life through their speech .Students even informed everyone about his countless contributions through speeches, writing slogans on placards and short skit based on the social discrimination.

Addressing the students on this occasion, the Vice Chairperson of the school, Priyanka Jalan said that students should learn from the life and works of Ambedkar and follow the path of social equality . Principal, Seema Chitlangia appreciated the presentations of the students and said that we can build an ideal society only by following the messages given by Ambedkar in our lives.Section Incharge Suparna Banerjee said that Ambedkar’s struggle and his success are an inspiration and students should learn from his life and become a responsible citizen.


“ Adventure is out there.”

We at Bridgeford, believe in encouraging students to go beyond the four walls of the Classroom to enchance their knowledge. Students of Classes VI -VIII visited “Rollick Ice Cream Factory “. During visit the students were briefed about the ingredients used in the making of ice-cream. They were taken to the viewer’s gallery and were shown the process of homogenization and pasteurization. They also viewed the packaging department and the cold storage. As they left the place, they were each treated with a cone of ice-cream.

The trip was extremely amusing and fostered the student’s knowledge.


Bridgeford School hosted a Blessing Ceremony for the outgoing class XIIth,  batch of 2022-2023 on 9th Feb, (Thursday) in the School Auditorium ‘The Hive”

The ceremony commenced with a melodious and emotive song “Bhul Na Paayenge ” by the students of classes VI to VIII under the mentorship of Mrs.Sanchita Dutta ,faculty of Music.
The ceremony was graced by the Vice-Chairperson, Bridgeford Group of Education ,Mrs.Priyanka Jalan ,Mrs.Seema Chitlangia ,Principal Bridgeford School and Senior Secondary Incharge , Mr. Rajnish Lal . They consecrated their blessings and best wishes to the outgoing students with their words , wit and wisdom . The Vice Chairperson , Mrs. Priyanka Jalan urged the students to harness their potential and feel valuable. She quoted Steve Jobs “The People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do ” to foreground the fact that consistent and unwavering conviction for success can make any student extraordinary and indispensable .
The Principal , Mrs. Seema Chitlangia motivated the students for their upcoming Board Examination .”Success should make you humble and grounded ”said she .Senior Secondary Incharge, Mr . Rajnish Lal shared some interesting anecdotes with students and asked them to be happy and take the stress off their minds . Students from different streams voiced their feelings . Kulmeet Chauhan and Nisha from Science Stream , Tannu Kumari from Commerce and Laawanya Tiwari from Arts Stream expressed their mixed feelings .There was an air of nostalgia that silenced students for some time. They expressed their deep sense of gratitude for their teachers and supporting staff of Bridgeford School . Each student was presented with a memento to mark the day as an asset in their lives. Vote of Thanks was presented by Ms.Seema Tiwari , PGT , English.


“Keep your dreams alive. Understand, to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember, all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers”

When elders bless every path becomes easy.With their blessings, even the supreme power becomes a thick shadow of blessings. A Blessing ceremony was organized for the class X board examinees(2022-23) at Bridgeford School, Tupudana on Wednesday, 8th February. The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp, followed by a welcome song, ‘Bhool Na Paoge’ by the school choir group.The Vice chairperson Priyanka Jalan and the Principal ,Seema Chitlangia graced the occasion with their benign presence. The vice chairperson blessed the students and gave them some essential tips to score excellent result in approaching CBSE. The Principal, mentored the students to be stress free and prepare for the examination in a calm manner.She blessed the students and wished that each one of them comes out with flying colors and they make themselves, their parents, teachers, and the school proud. Addressing the students, Secondary Section Incharge Mr. Souren Mukherjee said that the board examinees should focus on their self-power and be ready to take the exam with strong willpower. The occasion was an energetic one for the students to look back at the time they had spent in the campus of the school and the values that they inculcated during the period. An emotional moment prevailed in the auditorium when Ashish Narayan and Vishakha Rana, representing the students, shared their experiences of many years spent in the school. Expressing faith in the school, they mentioned that Bridgeford School has developed academic ability as well as physical and mental strength in a family environment, for which they are grateful to the school.
The teachers also brought alive the memorable moments of some periods while boosting the morale of the students. This was followed by a PPT made by Mr Rohit.It was a medley of magical memories that marked their beautiful years in school, giving the students and their teachers a fascinating flashback of their journey. The mementoes were presented to all the students by the dignitaries as a token of blessings. The program concluded with vote of thanks by Mrs Suparna Banerjee. While addressing the board examinees, she emphasized that self-confidence has to be increased.The event was an incredible one to motivate and wish our students a great future ahead.

Celebrated 74th Republic Day

“Republic Day: Being Independent in True Sense”

26 January, a day in the history of India when the people of the nation took over the responsibility of running the nation with a defined set of rules, was celebrated with great pomp and show this year as well in the premises of Bridgeford School, Tupudana. The spirit of being an Indian was clearly showcased in all the events and the feeling of patriotism could be felt in every single being present there. As this day was also observed as Basant Panchami, the program started by offering prayers to Maa Saraswati followed by unfurling of the National Flag by the chief guest, Chairman Mr. Narayan Jalan who also asked the students to be devoted towards the welfare of our Nation.

The program was well hosted by Mrs. Rashmi Sinha and Anubha which was attended by all the Section Incharges, Mr. Rajnish Lal, Mr. Souren Mukherjee, Mrs. Suparna Banerjee, Mrs. Babita Singh and all the faculty members. Various cultural programs were presented by the students. Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Priyanka Jalan, through her words conveyed the message of making our Nation a super power and Principal Madam Seema Chitlangia spoke of being a proud Indian from within and through our actions.

As rightly quoted by Sensei Valeri Dimitrov ‘To accept karate not as a sport but as an art, only in this way you can train it your whole life…’

KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2022, hosted by Bridgeford School, Tupudana which commenced on the 22nd of December, was no less than a feast to the eyes.
The championship was nothing less than a sheer display of composure, clear thought process, deep insight, self- confidence, stamina and every benefit that karate has to offer.
The event marked nail biting excitement as students compete against each other. Adamites wiped out their opponents and won a count.
Saumya Soni and Rehan Ali bagged the 1st Prize in the 6th Grade and Shivangi Jha and Priyanshu Upadhayay secured the 1st Position in the 7th Grade .The entire event was very well judged by –

Vivek Kachhap
Antara Thirkan
Shresth Kumar Shahdeo and
Aayan Banerjee.

The event was addressed with a message by the Chairperson, Mrs. Priyanka Jalan, Principal Mrs.Seema Chitlangia, Section Incharge Suparna Banerjee , Karate Master Sudeep Shahdeo and well anchored by Miss Raveena Tirkey.

David Walker rightly mentioned, ‘Karate is not about winning over others. It is about winning over one’s self.’