The curriculum envisages individualized learning acumen and seeks to explore the potential of students in acquiring substantial acknowledge and skills through academic rigors. With greater academic orientation and research skills in core academic areas, students would evolve as judicious young adults with a sense of real self-estimate having true values and principles.

 The scholastic areas are as follows:

(i) Languages include Hindi and English .The curricula in languages focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and, hence, develop effective communicative proficiencies.

(ii) Social Sciences (Geography, History, Economics and Political Science. Learners appreciate and value everyone’s right to feel respected and safe, and, also understand their Fundamental Rights and Duties and behave responsibly in the society.

(iii) Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics etc.)

(iv) Mathematics includes acquiring the concepts related to number sense, operation sense, computation, measurement, geometry, probability and statistics, the skill to calculate and organize, and the ability to apply this knowledge and acquired skills in their daily life.

We acknowledge the 21st century need for mobility, flexibility, and alternate pathways to learning and self-actualization .we are transitioning from the rote learning theory based education system to concept based education system. we are bound to promote Holistic education as well As “each student’s holistic  development in both academic and non-academic spheres”.

We’ve already shifted assessment gears to a Diagnostic approach from content based assessment to a competency based with the ongoing emphasis on transforming assessment of optimising learning and the holistic development of all students in tandem with the environment .The focus is on regular formative and competency based learning and on assessment for learning, testing of higher order skills analysis ,critical thinking and conceptual clarity , multimedia assessment through multiple choice questions to reach the top bracket of Bloom’s taxonomy, learning through reasoning, storytelling ,podcasts, puppetry etc. Report cards are becoming 360 degree holistic progress cards that will give comprehensive feedback on skills and capabilities  with the focus and 21st century skills ,scientific temperament and evidence-based thinking, creativity and innovativeness, sense of aesthetics and art ,oral and written communication, health and nutrition, physical education, wellness, fitness and sports ,collaboration and teamwork, problem solving and logical reasoning coding and computational thinking, environmental awareness, water and resources conservation etc.