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Office-Bearers 2023-2024

A practical lesson on democracy and leadership can be learnt by students by carrying out different responsibilities pertaining to school, like, maintaining discipline, organizing events/competitions etc. This inculcates in them the necessary life skills.

Head Boy
Ashutosh Giri( XI - A)

Ashutosh Giri
( XI - A)

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting" follows Ashutosh Giri , Academic Head boy. He excels in a range of hobbies, displaying remarkable skill in badminton and basketball. His linguistic flair extends to mastering French and Korean. Renowned for his kindness, patience, and academic excellence, he consistently achieves outstanding results. With dedication and enthusiasm, he sets a commendable example for his peers by embracing challenges with determination.

Yashashvi Raj( XI - D )

Yashashvi Raj
( XI - D )

Yashashvi Raj , Co-Curriculum Head Boy ,Despite winning many quiz competitions and olympiads, his true passion has always been sports. He has excelled at various levels of sports and has won numerous accolades. His high energy levels and natural leadership qualities make him a great motivator for others.

Head Girl
Aayushi Kumari ( XI - B )

Aayushi Kumari
( XI - B )

Aayushi believes in not being satisfied by the stories but in unfolding her own myth. She is passionate, confident and enthusiastic about contributing to a dynamic and innovative team. Her strong communication skills and ability to articulate her thoughts clearly and persuasively helped her win several prizes. She believes that the role of a leader is not only to lead but to work in collaboration with each one to achieve the best.

Bhumi Kumari ( XI - B )

Bhumi Kumari
( XI - B )

Bhumi brings a unique blend of exceptional qualities with unmatched academic excellence in various platforms. Her prowess as a terrific debater and orator showcases her effective communication skills while her amazing penmanship qualities and artistry add aesthetic value to our school's projects and events.

Vice-Head Boy
Devansh Pandey ( IX - E )

Devansh Pandey
( IX - E )

Balancing academics and co-curriculars adeptly, he represents the school at district and national levels. Strong in public speaking, he's also dedicated to honing leadership skills. He believes,"A speaker shapes, a leader guides, but when combined, society thrives." Above all, teaching ignites his passion.

Prakhar Tiwari ( IX - E )

Prakhar Tiwari
( IX - E )

A dedicated student , the proud Vice Head boy excels in academics, oration, and sports. Victorious in prestigious debating events, he's a visionary leader aspiring to contribute to India's progress. Passionate about philosophical ideas and theoretical physics, he values navigating challenges as the true measure of leadership.

Vice-Head Girl
Navya Ramteke ( IX - F )

Navya Ramteke
( IX - F )

She believes in learning from all aspects of life, finding value in everything. Singing, painting, and researching are among her hobbies, and she's continually improving her speaking skills. With a strong interest in science, particularly space-related topics, she excels in academics while effectively balancing her studies with co-curricular activities.

Mahi Giri ( IX - F )

Mahi Giri
( IX - F )

Mahi is a true asset to her school community, actively participating in every activity with passion and zeal. Her speeches and writings have garnered numerous prizes, a testament to the level of excellence she consistently strives for.

House Captain
Tejus Sinha ( XI - E )

Tejus Sinha
( XI - E )

A multifaceted individual whose passions span oration, singing, instrument-playing, and writing. In the previous year clinched prizes in marketing competition, declamation, extempore.

Ayushi Priya ( XI - F )

Ayushi Priya
( XI - F )

With a racket in hand, she glides across the court with finesse and passion. Off the court, her expressive words ignite inspiration and motivation. She also appears as a good team member and a leader too .

Annanya Singh ( XI - B )

Annanya Singh
( XI - B )

Annanya believes that to succeed in life, one must know more, work harder, and expect less from others. She is a confident and innovative learner who is passionate about exploring new things. In addition to her studies, she is also a second-year hip-hop dancer and has participated in the inter-school kabaddi championship.

Jayash Verma ( XI - E )

Jayash Verma
( XI - E )

A dedicated and competitive person, with great self-confidence , who loves sports and other team activities.

Aarya Singh ( XI - B )

Aarya Singh
( XI - B )

Anyone can become extraordinary and prosper" believes Aarya. Won 2nd prize in a state-level speech writing competition with a cash prize of 5,000 ; and besides sports and academics, she is a Third-year classical music student and has Showcased her versatility and multi-skills by performing at various school events

House Vice-Captain

Shlok Jain
( IX - F )

"He harnesses the energy, a real stallion has got" He believes in believing, keeping faith in logistics and lives in pipe dreams, learning about new things & skills, pushing the boundaries to its farthest extent. He has been awarded with cash price on his idea of Holographic Computer.

Prachi Singh (IX - E )

Prachi Singh
(IX - E )

A student with a passion for teamwork, science, and sports who enjoys journaling and capturing memorable moments.

Sakshi Kumari ( IX - D )

Sakshi Kumari
( IX - D )

New student in this school in class 9 th, her biggest achievement in this school is gaining everyone's trust within 1st 6 months and have won the 3rd prize in the exhibition group of biology. She likes to express herself by singing.

Bandhan Kumar ( IX - D )

Bandhan Kumar
( IX - D )

The council is fortunate to have him as a member, as his exceptional skills in writing and sketching make him truly irreplaceable. His contributions are invaluable and greatly appreciated.


Adyasha Panda
( IX - C )

She excels in poetry and literature, and has won awards for her writing. She is also fluent in four languages and passionate about learning more.

Prefects (Std. IX)

Archi Singh
( IX - E )

Archi Singh is a keen listener and a well expressed speaker who has received many prizes for Speech and Recitation Competitions at Inter - School Levels and also for Quiz , Debate and Exhibitions at school level.

Yashashvi Kumar Singh ( IX - F )

Yashashvi Kumar Singh
( IX - F )

He enjoys hobbies such as quizzing and martial arts, debate, political science, history and Sanskrit oration. He has won the Know For Sure Quiz, Sanskrit Recitation at Vivekananda School & the special jury award ( AIR 3 ) at the National Adolescent Summit.

Siddharth Das ( IX - F )

Siddharth Das
( IX - F )

An advent learner in the field of academics and also fervent enthusiast for quizzing . Participated and won various quizzing events . Also A State medalist in martial arts and loves to play the guitar.

Aayushi Singh ( IX - E )

Aayushi Singh
( IX - E )

Her ability and creativity to do everything defines her and she has good communication skills and is really good at recitation. She has received many prizes in English, Hindi and Sanskrit recitation.

Ashna Anand ( IX - D )

Ashna Anand
( IX - D )

Diligent student council member with a profound passion for literature, adept at both Demonstrates exceptional extemporaneous speaking skills.

Aaradhya Gupta (IX-D)

Aaradhya Gupta

Aaradhya Gupta is a very commendable and true academic enthusiast. She has always been at the top of academic leaderboard. She has been awarded with numerous medals and five trophies for the same.

Aksheeta Raj
( IX - C )

She is a disciplined,punctual and sincere student being good at academics.She is skilled in dance, skating, swimming, taekwondo,art& craft and loves to play badminton.

Ayush Kumar Singh
( IX - C)

Ayush Kumar Singh excels as a passionate student, accomplished quizzer, Quizmaster, skilled debater, and possesses strong management skills.

Prefects (Std. XI)
Adarsh Mishra ( XI - A )

Adarsh Mishra
( XI - A )

He loves basketball, football, and photography. He's a skilled photographer who has captured memorable moments at events like the G20 summit. He's always there to lend a hand with photography at school functions.

Yuvraj Mishra
( XI - A )

Yuvraj Mishra, a determined and disciplined student at Bridgeford School, believes that nothing worth having comes without hard work. He enthusiastically participates in inter-school activities and has an eagerness to explore new things.

Aayush Raj Chauhan
( XI - A )

This individual is a talented cricket player, accomplished quiz champion, and avid video gamer. Their diverse skill set makes them a valuable asset to any team or project.

Akansha Astha Toppo ( XI - A )

Akansha Astha Toppo
( XI - A )

She defines herself as discipline and loyalty and also believes in team work and cooperation. Her hobbies are to playing basketball, badminton and painting.

Mannat Singh
( XI - C )

Driven and compassionate, adept at balancing creativity and determination. Enjoys drawing and sports, embodying kindness and perseverance in all pursuits.

Sakshi Ranjan ( XI - C )

Sakshi Ranjan
( XI - C )

She got first position in solo dance at district level played basketball at MHRT level and got second position at NCC in all athletics in 10 days camp.Her Hobbies are playing basketball Kabaddi dancing drawing and riding bikes.

Shreya Chatterjee ( XI - C )

Shreya Chatterjee
( XI - C )

She strives for excellence in all she does, constantly seeking improvement and thus trying to become a better version of herself.

Smriti Oraon ( XI - D)

Smriti Oraon
( XI - D)

She's friendly and open minded towards children and straight forward person. She's good at painting, drawing and athletic.

Sonali Kumari ( XI - D )

Sonali Kumari
( XI - D )

She says ,she want to encourage those introvert students who lacks confidence in themselve to come and speak up , a small change in their behaviour can contribute a lot .Her hobbies are to dance , read novels.She is studying from KG.

Shreashi Arya
( XI - D )

Secured Certificate of merit in National Sports Day. Also scored 6th grading in Karate. Bfs gave her an opportunity to participate. in inter-school competition, she secured Certificate of Appreciation. Hobbies- calligraphy and  dancing.

Bhumi Jha ( XI - D )

Bhumi Jha
( XI - D )

She believe to stay dedicated ambitious and confident towards her work ,she says continuity plays a vital role in progress of goal.

Tushar Kujur ( XI - E )

Tushar Kujur
( XI - E )

An academically motivated, competitive and disciplined student who sticks to all work and responsibilities , He is also good at drawing.

Aditya Oraon ( XI - E )

Aditya Oraon
( XI - E )

Being a sincere and disciplined student. He tries to do what's right and try his best to make himself better everyday. He is interested in sports , Art & craft.

Roshni Ghadai ( XI - D)

Roshni Ghadai
( XI - D)

Her believes is that everyone should be ambitious, dedicated, progressive towards their work . Her hobbies are painting, and creative field related.She also participated in CBSE Cluster and spardha from vvps 2023.

Vidya Murti ( XI - E )

Vidya Murti
( XI - E )

She excels in sketching and won a prize. she also is interested in Speaking activities, Quiz, Sports like Badminton, Art & craft and reading books.

Riya Kumari
( XI - E )

Success demands an unwavering focus and an unrelenting work ethic. So, stay focused and work harder than ever until you achieve your desired outcome.

Hanshika Roy ( XI - E )

Hanshika Roy
( XI - E )

She enjoys multiple hobbies, including spending time with family, creating artwork, and indulging in food. But two activities that give her internal peace and uplift her mood are listening to music and dancing.

Tanushree Sharma ( XI - F)

Tanushree Sharma
( XI - F)

She have been excelling in classical dance with multiple performances and prizes, clinched first place in a swimming competition and got a knack for teamwork and management.

Prachi Priya ( XI -F )

Prachi Priya
( XI -F )

She is helpful and joyful in nature while being an volleyball player and have been achieved medals . Her hobbies are doing mandala arts and making art and craft.

Divya Kumari
( XI - F )

When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go." believes Divya , a young student at bridgeford. She is aspirational and knows her way to fulfil her dreams.