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Stress Management

Life isn’t simple, it is full of ups and downs which leads to stress. Stress is part and parcel of life. To understand the problem, begin by knowing its root cause.

Some common causes that lead to stress in students are :-

  1. Academic pressure
  2. Burden to perform well
  3. Peer Pressure
  4. Competition
  5. Poor sleeping habits
  6. Poor eating habits

Our approach, attitude and lifestyle play a vital role in causing various stresses. Much of the stress that we feel comes from the mismatch of skill with work in hand. Let’s understand this with the following example.

A man is trained to carry 10 kg load. Suppose, he is given 15 kg load, there can be two consequences of it – he may drop it causing damage to it or may harm his spine. Neither condition is desirable so he needs to first equip himself to carry that increased burden.

This we all need to do in our lives to cope with different challenges and adversity of life.

There are certain universally accepted ways of destressing which you should apply in life:-

  1. Continuously upgrade yourself vis-a-vis your domain area.
  2. Time Management – organize your work, complete it in time and avoid carrying yesterday’s work over again today.
  3. Allocate leisure time to socialize, meditate and relax.
  4. Exercise, take balanced diet and proper sleep.
  5. Indulge in community work.
  6. Develop a hobby and minimize the use of tech gizmos.

The lesson is – “Don’t carry the mountain of load, smile and climb small heights each day.”

Suparna Banerjee

TGT, Biology

Section Incharge

Secondary Section