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Genral Guidelines for Students & Parents

  1. Every student must carry his / her Almanac and Identity Card to school every day.
  2. Students should affix their photograph and fill the required information duly signed by their parents in the space provided in the Almanac.
  3. Students are expected to be neatly dressed in full uniform.
  4. Mobile phones are not permitted in the school compound.
  5. Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instrument such as knives etc. to the school or any kind of object that can cause injury to others.
  6. Students are expected to respect school property. No student should damage school’s furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or furniture. Damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher or School Authority.
  7. Students can apply for T.C. only in the month of March. No student will be issued a transfer certificate until all the dues are clear.
  8. The students are expected to take active part in the co-curricular activities, educational tours, picnic etc. arranged by the school. No excuse will be granted to students except in case of illness or due to some other serious reason.
  9. Pupils should attend the school assembly regularly. They must reach the school at least five minutes before the assembly.
  10. All the pupils must have the text books and stationery prescribed for their respective classes.
  11. Girls are not allowed to wear fancy jewellery, apply nail paint and put mehndi in school.
  12. Students using the school bus will maintain discipline in the bus.
  13. Examinations will be held as per the scheduled dates. If any student does not appear in any test or exam, no re-exam will be conducted.
  14. If a student remains absent due to sickness then he /she has to produce medical certificate.
  15. Students must have at least  75% attendance for promotion to the next class. This is applicable for students of all classes and strictly for those applying for Board Exams.
  16. Any change in the residential or office address / telephone number of the parent / guardian should be informed immediately to the school.
  17. Students are advised to keep their classroom, school building and campus as clean as possible and throw leftovers into the dustbins.
  18. Students using unfair means during examination will face disciplinary action as decided by the school authorities.
  19. The School encourages only home cooked food and discourages junk and fast food. Parents must not send a child empty stomach to the School and must ensure that the child carries daily a lunchbox containing healthy food.
  20. Parents are requested to check the Almanac regularly so that they remain aware of daily progress of their wards and also of daily work.
  21. Any leave on Unit Test and Examination days will be granted only in case of extreme emergency / sickness. Parents may collect their ward immediately after the test/exam.
  22. No student will be allowed to leave the School early, except in case of emergency or in case the student is unwell. Such leave shall be granted on the discretion of School Principal’s approval.
  23. It is mandatory to attend P.T.M. by the parents to familiarize with their child’s progress.
  24. Parents/Guardians are free to meet any teacher by prior appointment through Almanac.
  25. Parents/Guardians are not expected to visit their child/ward in classrooms anytime during the school operating hours, unless they are invited by the School.
  26. Whenever corresponding with the School, kindly quote full name, class and section of the student.
  27. Kindly ensure that the child reports to school on time.
  28. Parents are requested to send leave application for any absence of their child.
  29. Kindly ensure that your child does not carry any valuable item to the School.
  30. Parents should ensure that the child is dedicating time towards his or her home-work and gets complete set of books as per the prescribed time-table and booklist.
  31. Parent’s co-operation is sought to ensure regularity, punctuality and discipline of their ward.
  32. The School reserves the right to suspend, rusticate or expel any student not following the code of conduct laid down by the School.