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” Ankit Rajgaria “

Chartered Accountant

Being one of the oldest kids from the institution I would reiterate the fact that the days you spend here are some great golden days in terms of learning and the relationships you make in and around the institution. I joined the school in Class Vth in the year 2003 when the school itself was in its initial years. As the school grew, I as a student also grew with it. As the buildings of the school expanded so did the opportunities it gave to us with its expansion. With the addition of new teachers, started new learning and with the addition of students started new friendships. We have seen our school landscaping infront of us both on grounds and metaphorically. I completed by Class XIIth in 2010 but I am always keen to take a journey with School again as and when they require me. As our juniors you should thank us for many customs of the school which might be prevalent till date. Presently, I am practicing a Chartered Accountant and serving various sectors in areas of finance and compliance