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Children imagine going to college and growing up fast, so they can enjoy their life. But trust me, this is your time,your school-life, to be carefree and joyful. Bridgeford will always be close to my heart. From learning my first life lesson, to making me educationally sound to choose and carve my own path, It has been quite a journey. I remember crying on my admission day, so as not wanting to stay in the school and running back home, and then today, I sit and recall how heavy hearted I felt to leave and say farewell to her. Teachers, friends, rai-bhaiya,, uhh,. I miss them all. I thank each and every person who’s helped in some way or other to make me what I am today, whether it be for scolding me for not bringing my copy, motivating me to try my hands in new things, or for praising me for anything I did. You do have a memory of everything you ever do, and for me Bridgeford is filled with many such sweet-sour memories. It has been great! I so do miss everyone!
Lots of Love!

Khushboo 2017 Passout