एक अच्छा इन्सान और देश का सफल नागरिक बनने के लिए सर्वप्रथम आवश्यक है, दूसरों का और स्वयं का सम्मान करना ।
यह तभी संभव है जब हम अनुशासन को अपनाते हुए सबके साथ मधुर व्यवहार रखें ।
जीवन में बहुत सारे उतार-चढ़ाव और कठिनाइयाँ आती हैं, अगर उसका सामना धैर्य और संयम के साथ किया जाए तो कठिनाइयाँ आसान हो जाएँगी ।
हर कोई राम-कृष्ण, बुद्ध-महावीर तो बन नहीं सकता परन्तु उच्च विचारों, दृढ़ संकल्प और सकारात्मक सोच के साथ हमें आगे बढ़ते रहना चाहिए ।
सफलता अपने-आप हमारे कदमों को चूमेंगी ।

रश्मि सिन्हा
टी० जी० टी० ( हिन्दी )

Stop Child Labour

Hopeful eyes, happy smiles soft hands, million dreams, is this not the identity of a child? Then why do I see, tears filled eyes, terrified faces, rough hands, and shattered dreams?

Underprivileged of their childhood with overloaded work, handed with hammers, loaded with sacks of sand and bricks at such a childhood stage.

These unfair conditions, not suited to kids, should really be stopped.

Childhood must be enjoyed as, so much to learn, so much to accomplish, but not given enough chance. Raise your voice for these children, who are surrounded by a wall of silence. So lets bring an end to child labor,put a smile back on their faces, give them the childhood they deserve, that has been stolen from them. Fight for a cause Raise your voice



In the solitude of dark night, I lay down to rest my eyes, then I get visions so fine, people call it ‘Dreams’, but to me, they seem mere things I think of.

A dream to me is something, I see with my eyes open, for which I plan, work and desire. Dreams to me are something, that are difficult most to achieve, which needs my attention most, for which I shall work day and night.

Dreams can’t be fulfilled, if I sleep, but only when I stay awake, sacrificing my slumber, thriving and pushing a bit harder. So, it applies to everyone, doesn’t matter old or young.

Dream with your eyes open, and stop never, get tired never, If you want to turn your dreams into a reality.

Taking a nap is wonderful, but the most wonderful feeling ever is to be able to make your dream come alive.


वो है मेरी माँ

मेरे सर्वस्व की  पहचान,
आपने आँचल की दे छॉव ,
ममता की वो लोरी गाती ,
मेरे सपनो को सहलाती
वो है मेरी माँ |
प्यार समेटे सीने में जो ,
सागर सारा अश्को में जो ,
हर आहट पर मुड़ आती जो
वो है मेरी माँ |
दुःख मेरे वो समेट जाती
सुख की खुशबू  बिखेर जाती
ममता का रास बरसाती जो
वो है मेरी माँ |
घुटनो से रेंगते- रेंगते ,
कब पेरों पर बड़ी हुई |
तेरी ममता की छॉव में ,
जाने कब बड़ी हुई |
काला टीका दूध मलाई
आज भी सब कुछ वैसा है,
मै ही में हूँ  हर जगह ,
माँ प्यार ये तेरा कैसा है ?
सीधी - साधी भोली - भाली ,
में ही सबसे अच्छी हूँ,
कितनी भी हो जाँऊ बड़ी  ,
' माँ ' में आज भी तेरी बच्ची हूँ |

नाम - दिव्यांका बनर्जी
कक्षा- III  'A '


The world in which we live, especially the Indian society would love to hear and gossip about failures of others. About 30% of students are depressed, 50% are feeling overwhelmingly anxious. In India, one in seven students is depressed. It is the pressure of being in A+ category of student or a topper, that society puts on a student. Every student is working all day and all night with no interest. Some students are pressurized to take up science just because the orthodox mindset of some people who think that if you are in science stream, you are a bright student. Students only want to get into a prestigious school or a college because once having appeared in an exam, when one clicks on the result button, everyone's eyes will land on them. But the question is, 'What if you FAIL?' Failure is the proof that you have tried and are still trying. If you ask me, 'Is failure the end?', there are two choices. Firstly no, as you have to keep trying. Secondly, yes, if you have given up hope. World's richest man, Bill Gates, failed. Albert Einstein, who is referred as 'world's most intelligent person' failed. There is no one who has never tasted failure. We all try, at least once in our lives to reach up to our goals, whether in studies, career or our relationships. Failures should be normalized. Many students attempt suicide because they fail. Remember, you are not a failure nor a disappointment until you stop trying.
Prachi Singh ( VIII C)


Have you ever seen?
The beautiful world,
Apart from human world,
That, at present, lies underwater.
Starting from a small lake,
And reaching up to the huge ocean,
All creatures living in harmony,
Making it heavenly.
Fishes zooming and diving smoothly,
Under the water,
Chasing and playing with each other,
All different from one another,
From a fish so small to a whale so magnificent.
Some are small and some are huge,
But all living together.
To the creatures present on land,
It is merely a body of water,
Hiding beneath in itself a world.

Navya Ramteke ( VIII C )

Teenage- The Hard Era of Life

In all ages, a person has different experiences. The period between thirteen to nineteen is the time when a child starts his/ her transition to become an adult. During this age a child has the highest capability to mould his personality for the future. In this period of life a teen develops mentally, physically and emotionally as they grow up into independent and self -reliant adults. At this part of life teens are concerned a lot about how they look, how they dress up, and the most dominant thinking is what others are thinking about them. They have a strong desire to be respected and loved and not to interfere much from others especially from the guardians. This is the age when they develop curiosity to learn new skills which is the most important perspective of this generation. This is the period when teenagers have the highest learning power which will have a deep mark on the rest of the life. So, they should discover their secret talent and shape themselves into a right- minded mature person.

Ronit Kumar Singh (X - B)

Online Classes – Changing Dynamics The Pandemic has changed all existing rules, From Offline to Online schools.
Online classes are held to continue our studies, But we can't study without our buddies .
Earlier it was much better when we studied in school, As going to school was very much cool .
In the school campus, students no longer roam , With the modern gadgets, they learn at home .
I wish we could go to school as we went before, We don't want to live like this anymore .
I pray that our school reopens, So that we can go to school again.
No doubt online teaching is the need of hour, But can't match conventional teaching's power.

Arin Kuila
Class - VI D

Covid-19 and our Education System

While many students were not fortunate enough to have access to education, many of the privileged ones attended online classes. No doubt our Education System was greatly shaken up by this pandemic. During the beginning the students as well as the teachers were confused but eventually, we all accepted the online mode and continued our studies. These have been really tough times for everyone, especially the students. From exams being online, no physical interaction with friends or teachers, lots of assignments as well as stress ,the students have faced a lot. Yet we did not give up and are giving our best in our studies. This challenge forced the students as well as the teachers to come out of their comfort zones and adapt to the new mode of education. The demand for better internet connection and cheaper but good quality smartphones led to a lot of development in our technical sector. The coronavirus had negative as well as positive impact on our society but it depends on us how we utilize it, whether we use it for our self-development or complain about the drawbacks.



सबसे अच्छी मेरी माँ,
सबसे न्यारी मेरी माँ|
चलना हमें सिखाती माँ,
मंजिल हमें दिखाती माँ |
सबसे मीठा बोल है माँ,
सबसे अनमोल है माँ|
लोरी हमें सुनाती माँ,
अपनी गोद में सुलाती माँ|
खाना हमें खिलाती माँ,
पूरी दुनिया दिखाती माँ |
सबसे अच्छी मेरी माँ,
सबसेन्यारी मेरी माँ|

प्रियांशु गुप्ता

Life Lessons That Corona Virus Taught Us

Corona virus is very harmful for us but it has given few life lessons that we should follow in our daily life. Before 2020, all the things were going right but in China the scientists discovered a virus called COVID-19. After a few days the virus spread all over the world and the government held lockdown. All the people were in their homes, the schools closed and all were following COVID precautions like wearing mask, sanitizing hands and maintaining social distancing. Online classes through apps like Whatsapp and Google Classroom started. Before COVID, the students went to school and did notorious work. When the school used to get over, children boarded their buses and after reaching home, they threw bags here and there and relaxed on couch watching television. They never sanitized their hands whereas after COVID, they learnt to be more alert and started to sanitize their hands every now and then. Due to lockdown, there was almost no traffic on roads and even in air, leading to pollution free atmosphere. Though Corona took away many lives but has also taught us many lessons for our present and future as well. Learning lessons from this experience, we all must be very cautious and focus more towards a green environment around us.

Arpan Mukherjee
VI ‘C’


बिना समझ के भी हम कितने सच्चे थे,
वो भी क्या दिन थे जब हम छोटे बच्चे थे |

कितनी खुशी मिलती थी,
जब नए खिलौने मिलते थे ।
अब तो सबकुछ मिलने पर भी,
हमारी खुशी अधूरी है|

हुआ करती थी शाम,
जब हम खेलकरआते थे।
अब तो सीधे रात होती है,
हम पढ़ते-पढ़ते सो जाते हैं।

हुआ करता था गर्मी का मौसम,
जब हम आइसक्रीम खाते थे।
हुआ करता था सर्दी का मौसम,
जब हम पिकनिक पर जाते थे ।

हुआ करती थी वर्षा ऋतु,
जब पानी में नाव चलाते थे ।
हुआ करता था बसंत ऋतु,
जब फूलों से बातें करते थे।

न दोस्ती का मतलब था,
न मतलब की दोस्ती थी ।
बचपन के दिन भी क्या थे,
जब हम छोटेबच्चे थे।

अनन्या कुमारी
Vlll- B

Effective Ways to Study

Gone are the days when we used to succumb to the fear of sitting on the study table biting nails constantly with a pile of books lined up in layers waiting to be gazed at, with so much stress to even count every second of breaks we take and get back to the notes and books at God’s speed. What are we doing?? Are we following a correct, positive, fruitful way to deal with our fear of studies? Probably No. Here comes a few effective ways to study which help to fight the fear, the unending strain and stress that we carry.

Study Smart !!

Prepare yourself throughout the year instead of engaging in the last-minute study and struggling to finish the entire syllabus in a week’s time. Spend 2- 4 hours each week on a subject at least rather than cramming it into one week. That helps to reduce the burden of completing the syllabus in hurry.

Make a Routine !!

With the piling syllabus and courses to be finished in deadlines, it’s tempting to fall behind reassuring yourself that you can do it in just a few days’ time before exams. But the process becomes messy. Hence, plan your study and schedule time slots for each subject. Prioritize subject-wise (difficult to easy) and make timesheets. Make sure that all the subjects are covered & nothing left behind.

Pen it Down !!

Its an effective way to memorize what you study if you have a visual aid. Whatever you read or learn by heart write it immediately after you read it multiple times, and make notes out of it. During exam you will visualize what you wrote and it will be easier to remember.

Peer Power !!

Arrange study groups, exchange answers, cross-test each other. Prepare mock test amongst yourselves. Make the study session interesting by organizing a quiz based on the syllabus. Take turn and give marks to make it look like a small school at home. Sometimes friends help you to find out your weaknesses, strengths and potential to rework those areas.

Feel Good Factor !!

This point gets ignored often by all of us. But this is one of the important aspects of studies to say motivated. One needs to think positively to have the required amount of concentration while studying. Hence, the immediate surrounding plays a vital role to emit positive vibes. Organize your study station in a nice way according to your taste so that you feel attached and stay glued to it. You must feel good and love that small area to stay focused.

Take Breaks, Fuel Up!!

We all think that studying 24 hours will do magic, and wonders and bring some superpowers to pass the exams. This 24 hours non-stop study hacks can actually be counterproductive. Your brain needs some rest too. Take breaks to fuel your brain functioning. Know your routine well and plan it accordingly. If Morning is your best time then wake up early to the bright sun, breath fresh and start your day with, plan your breaks during lunchtime. If night time is best for you then take before since you need to stay awake.

Stay Healthy !!

“No time for health today, no health for your time tomorrow”. You are in Marathon, running after best. You need to stay healthy and fit to be successful. Eat healthy, Sleep well and be the best in the crowd.

Sarita Kumari T.G.T (Biology)

The Achievements of India in the field of Science and Technology

What an honour
A day to remember
Head must be held high
When whole of the world delights
Among the countries to enter Mars's orbit was mine,
With a peaceful message for world
To greet and imply,
Remarkable achievements
And one of the proudest moments

No one could register miracle
As India did with initial struggle
Now world shall remember
The generous contributory offer
They, our young scientists, have excelled
And marveled
With years of experience from elders and knowledge
It is just like rain's thunder
We, the Indians, do feel proud
And speak of it so loud
With our international presence
In science and technology of space .

Class - VIII D

Tech – Trends : A New Future is on the Horizon

Technology has sustained us through the pandemic . This break has ignited us to evolve, upgrade and accept the realities of life with high degree of resilience. It is "Vision 20 -20 “, the technology booming stage. The brighter side of Lockdown is that Videoconferencing is initiated with the help of Google Meet, Zoom and Skype. Robots are deployed to fulfill the need of patients in isolation wards by serving them food, medicine etc. In Chennai, Stanley Medical Hospital ,a Robot named “Zafi “ transports food and medicines to patients quarantined in a hotel . Telemedicine technology is used by large numbers of hospitals across US to safely screen and treat patients. Chatbots are used by World Health Organization (WHO) and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to share information . The CDC has named their Chatbot ‘Clara’. Some well known Chatbots are ‘Siri’ and ‘Alexa’. In India ‘Arogya Setu 'and ‘Delhi Corona’s apps are made which track the number of corona patients and beds available near the location of user. Drones like ‘Zipline' are used to deliver essentials .Facial and Iris recognition solutions are used for screening and we have moved to virtual biometrics. Artificial Intelligence is lending a hand in diagnosing and developing cure for the illness .
So, Pandemic is a panacea in crisis, it is a hidden opportunity to evolve technology to brace newer challenges.

Shrawani Sudhir
Class - 7 F