तितली उड़ी, तितली उड़ी

तितलीउड़ी, तितलीउड़ी,

छोटी-सी यह नन्ही परी ।

रंग-बिरंगे पंखों वाली,

फूलों पर ठहरती रहती।

बसंत इसे खूब भाता,

एक फूल से दूसरे फूल पर,

पता नहीं ये कब चली जाती।

बच्चों को लगती बड़ी सयानी,

सुंदर पंख, कोमल हृदय,

सबका मन मोह लेती।

जब बच्चे पकड़ने जाते,

उड़-उड़कर कहीं और ही चली जाती,

और,फिर बच्चे कहते,

तितलीउड़ी, तितलीउड़ी |


कक्षा – VI  A

Disaster Management

Disaster management refers to the efficient management of resources that will help in reducing the impact of disaster . As a nation,it is essential for each individual to act responsibly and pro actively during disaster  because calamities don’t inform and come ; they may occur any time . These can cause uncountable human as well as economic loss . India as a whole has a lot of diversity in terms of topography. Every year we are hit by at leastone cyclone originated in the Bay of Bengal which cause immense damage in the eastern coast . In this calamity, Odisha is the worst hit . But still it stands again and manages everything very well .This isonly because of the excellent disaster management facility .In current times,disaster management is an important aspect for the development of any country.Advancement of this field is a necessity as we are facing various disaster today.It is important to create awareness in the people about disaster management .

-Shrawani Sudhir , 8F


जग से प्यारे मेरे पापा,

खुशियाँ हम पर लुटाते पापा ।

डर नहीं लगता जब आप होते हैं पास,

आप से ही तो बनती हमारी जिंदगी खास।

एक माँगू तो सौ ला देते,

हमारे लिए पूरे जग से लड़ जाते ।

आप से है हमारी पहचान,

पापा आप ही तो हैं हमारी जान

जग से प्यारे मेरे पापा।

खुशियाँ हम पर लुटाते पापा।

जीवन का हर एक सबक सिखाते,

हर एक मुश्किल से हमें बचाते।

आप हैं तो  सारे सपने हैं,

आप हैं तो बाज़ार के खिलौने अपने हैं ।

आप से है हमारी पहचान,

पापा आप ही तो हैं हमारी जान ।

पल्लवी कुमारी


The Person of My Inspiration

Inspiration is necessary for motivating us in our life. Inspiration helps in boosting ourselves to do things that are important to achieve what we desire in our life.We can be inspired by anything, whether it is a person, activity or thing. Many of us want to become like the person who inspires us the most and the one who inspires me the most is my father. My father was born in a poor joint family. He used to study in a Hindi Medium School. Inspite of it, he worked hard and today he is a Bachelorette of Commerce and is a reputed person in the medical line.

He started to assist his father in his business at the age of somewhat 10 and took the entire responsibility on himself at the age of 13. He didn’t have time to study or play, but with his dedication he educated himself. He has always been independent since young age. I always get an inspiration from the life of my father. He has been providing me whatever I need. He never wants me and my sister to face the situations that he had gone through. My father always teaches us to never become afraid of any situation in life.Sometimes my father has been harsh with me but it is because he never wants me to be down in my life. He has a lot of expectations from me and my sister.

The way my father struggled in his life to get out from the clutches of poverty and become self dependent in his life encourages me to do something big in my life so that I can make my father proud of me. Whenever I’m discouraged the words of my father make me ready again to fight and win in any type of situation.This thought always revolves in my mind that when my father could make his way through such an adverse situation then why can’t I after getting every kind of facility. This helps me to gather sufficient courage and enthusiasm and easily face every difficulty in my life. I always want to be a reason for the smile on the face of my father.

Paridhi Agarwal

Just Be Yourself

Never try to be like anyone just be one of a kind , Just be yourself.
Don’t think you are not alike , You are yourself the most fine.
It is good , If you want to be kind to others , But first learn to be kind to yourself .
Don’t wish to be like someone else , You are the best when you are yourself .

By – Surjit Oraon


प्रकृति है बहुत सुंदर ,

यहाँ हैं बहुत पेड़-पौधे अंदर ।

जहाँ देखो वहाँ हैं जानवर,

जैसे शेर, भालू और बंदर ।

झील, समुद्र सब हैं प्रकृति में,

ये सब हैं पर्यावरण के रक्षक।

मिट्टी की सुंदर सुगंध,

हटा देती है सारी दुर्गंध ।

उड़ते पक्षी यहाँ-वहाँ ,

दिखेंगे वृक्ष हर जगह।

स्वस्थ वायु, सुगंधित हवा,

स्वस्थ पर्यावरण की देती छटा।

परन्तु आज कल पर्यावरण हो रहा है नष्ट,

जिस कारण हमें भी मिल रहा है कष्ट ।

इसलिए पेड़-पौधों को काटना करो बंद,



Vll D


जब हम पहली बार किसी व्यक्ति से मिलते हैं तो उस व्यक्ति की छवि हमारे मानस पटल पर अंकित हो जाती है, इसी तरह हमारा व्यक्तित्व भी उसे प्रभावित करता है |इसलिए हमें अपने व्यक्तित्व के प्रति हमेशा सजग रहना चाहिए और समाज में अपनी अच्छी पहचान बनाने की पूरी कोशिश करनी चाहिए| यह दायित्व और भी ज्यादा तब बढ़ जाता है,जब हम एक शिक्षक या छात्र होते हैं |यदि शिक्षक योग्य, शालीन, कर्तव्य निष्ठएवं आदर्शवादी होंगे तो उनके व्यक्तित्व का सीधा प्रभाव छात्रों पर पड़ेगा और छात्र अपने शिक्षक के उच्च चारित्रिक गुणों को अपनाकर एक आदर्श विद्यार्थी बन जाएँगे |एक आदर्श  विद्यार्थी ही अपने समाज और देश को उन्नति के पथ पर अग्र  सरकर सकता है|इतिहास साक्षी  है कि हमारे देशके जितने भी महान व्यक्ति हुए उन्होंने अपने शिक्षक के आदर्शों को अपनाया और अपने व्यक्तित्व का निर्माण किया| अत: व्यक्तित्व मनुष्य की वह पूँजी है जिसे स्वयं अर्जित कर वह अपने सुनहरे भविष्य का निर्माण करता है |

निर्मला प्रसाद(टीजीटी)

Tolerance and Patience –Important Ingredients of a Beautiful Life

“How patience and tolerance, be positive about everything. At the end, you will be the winner.”
We always tend to say that Life has become very difficult today. But, if we analyze, we will find that life was always like this and the survival of the fittest is the perennial mantra. It is imperative that in pursuit of our efforts to reach our destination, we may get enchanted, bewildered and disoriented and then our inbuilt attributes come to our rescue. These attributes are our sheer strength, which help us in bringing us back to our journey path to achieve our goal. Patience and Tolerance are two such traits, which are two of the most important ingredients of a peaceful, successful and beautiful life. But we often get confused with these two words and tend to consider them as synonyms of each other. Patience is synonymous with words such as understanding, endurance, composure, and restraint. Patience helps in moving towards our goal with perseverance, diligence and tenacity. This indicates about our inner strength of dealing with all obstacles. Patience is the outcome of confidence, proper planning, coordination of resources and time management. Whereas, Tolerance gives you strength to accept facts during the journey to goal. It is not about losing confidence, rather it may be termed as Plan-B, when the pursuit of reaching goal is getting jerky and is losing track. The virtue of tolerance includes all moral values, ensures the development of a progressive society and embodies the meanings of humanity. Learning to be tolerant helps us to build endurance and confidence by facing and overcoming obstacles. Nature is a great teacher. The tolerance of the Earth gives us days and nights in the span of 24 hours every day, and the tolerance of the flowers before they bloom ultimately helps in pollination, which provides us with delicious fruits to savor and also gives nectar to the bees to produce honey. And this is why we also need to be tolerant because only then we can understand our true nature and work accordingly on our goals. It also means you accept that others are different and have different abilities. If you can appreciate these differences, you are said to be tolerant. Patience is the ability to keep cool under trying conditions and not letting self to fly off the handle. A positive attitude while hustling helps us go the extra mile, which can make a huge difference. Had the ant not been patient and tolerant of the obstacles, it would have given up after the first try itself, but its tolerance to accept the obstacles and ultimately patience pays the dividend in reaching it goal. Tolerance is the ability to accept and live with people who are different from us, treating them with respect and dignity. On the other hand, patience is the attribute of waiting calmly for your turn in a queue. We can develop tolerance and patience by becoming aware of the situation, journey, knowledge and the goals. Let us all try to inculcate these attributes and make our life peaceful, purposeful and beautiful.


Positive Thinking For Success

Positive thinking and positive attitude attractprosperity, peace and happiness.Listen to positive people and ignore negative ones .People that doubt, judge and disrespect you are not worth your time and attention. It has been proved in many studies that a positive attitude helps in incurring positive ideas.A positive attitude helps one to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life.It brings optimism into one’s life and makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking. Having a positive mental attitude is one of the most important things to develop in life.Your attitude in life determines a lot more than you would believe. Be happy even when you have little.Havea good time even when you are at loss .Be happy for someone else success.Have a positive future vision no matter how bad your current circumstances are .Positive thinking helps us to change our attitude towards whatever situation or environment we are in.It is our attitude that drives us towards success.If we have a positive attitude in our life, we will always look at the better side of things, will always bring the positive out of every situation. This will keep us content and happy and keep our mind peaceful. So, when our state of mind is optimistic ,we are better able to handle everyday stress in a more constructive way .This ability will contribute to the widely observed health benefits of positive thinking.

“What you think of yourself Matters much more than What others think of you”

Mrs. Sanju Singh