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The Republic Day's Celebration

Date: 26th January 2018   Republic day was celebrated at Bridgeford School by the Primary section.The entire Bridgeford was decked up with the tricolour.There was a strong feeling of patriotism in everyone's heart.
The programme commenced with the hoisting of flag by our honourable Chief Guest Narayan Jalan followed by a patriotic song by the children of choir group.
The programme proceed with a Nukkad Natak which conveyed a strong message to the people present there about the measures to be taken by us to make our country shine.
The young talented children of Bridgeford spoke about the significance of Republic Day and our Constitution. Vishakha Rana of class V filled everyone with patriotism by her melodious patriotic song. The programme concluded with distribution of sweets among students.

The Fun Express voyage

Date: 21st December 2017   A saga of hard work and determination of tiny tots along with the teachers came into display on 21st December when the junior section of Bridgeford School celebrated its Annual day. The celebration was graced with the presence of Mrs. Kamakshi Raman Executive Director HRD, MTI SAIL who was left spellbound with the splendid performances.The children showcased their talents in form of dances from across all states of India. The infectious energy of the children made the audience groove too, to the songs. A felicitation ceremony was also organised for the children who had performed well in academic as well as extra curricular activities. The huge success of the programme adds yet another feather to the cap of Bridgeford.

Visit to Medha Dairy

Date: 28th July 2017   Students of Class VII of Bridgeford School visited Medha Dairy as one of the educational trip organized by the school. The students learnt about production, processing and marketing of various milk products such as Curd, Paneer, Sweets etc.

Yoga Day

Date: 21st June 2017   Meditation and Yoga make children more peaceful, stress-free, happier and relaxed. This increases their attention in the classroom and the retention of knowledge they gain. We, at Bridgeford School have incorporated meditation and yoga in our daily curriculum for the spiritual well-being of our students.

Doctor's DAY Celebration

Date: 1st July 2017   On Doctor’s Day, our students donned the role of physicians and educated their class-mates on healthy habits, personal hygiene and healthy food. The students celebrated the day with a group song, dance and skit, all related to the benefits of being healthy.

PPT Presentation

Date: 15th July 2017   Students of class V conducted PowerPoint Presentation to discuss the various systems in a human body, as part of our Youth Leadership Program.

Visit to Krishna Park

Date: 1st August 2017   Our primary section students were taken to visit Krishna Park on a sunny winter morning. The children enjoyed the dynamic natural environment. The park was a learning venue that matched their natural inclination to know more about things engaged even those with short attention spans and puts the learning subject in context. Teachers were happy with the improvement in inter-personal relationships amongst the students.

Tree Plantation Day

Tree Plantation Day was celebrated by our students studying in the primary section. This annual event gets students out of the classroom and into the garden to help plant seedlings. The students got a sense of responsibility, a sense of ownership that they were doing something for themselves and for the school. They really enjoyed that.

Monsoon Mania

Students of our primary section participated in a fancy dress competition to exhibit the various facts of monsoon season. “Monsoon Mania” witnessed students dressed as rain, trees, flowers, Lord Shiva, fruits etc. all related to the rainy season.

Prize Distribution

Bridgefordians always stand out from the rest, be it academics, cultural activities or sports. Over the years Bridgeford School has produced a number of excellent students in academics. The Prize distribution Day is an event where we celebrate and applaud the merit of our students by awarding them mementos and certificates of appreciation.

Inter House Quiz Competition

Date: 17th November 2017   The Junior Inter House Quiz Competition was held in the school Auditorium. Students enthusiastically took part in the various rounds which were based on English, History, Geography, Science and General Knowledge. The Rapid Fire and the Audio Visual round were greatly appreciated by the audience.

Debate Competition

Date: 8th November 2017   Debate is one of the academic activities that gives students creative room to express what they feel. The Inter House Debate for the juniors (Class I – V) was held on November 8, 2017 wherein the topics were “Regular Homework should be given to the students” and “In the current era, mobile phones are must for school children”. Students worked hard and participated sincerely in the event.

Explore your city

Date: 9th August 2017   A competition for classes I & II was being conducted on 9th August 2017 and the topic was ‘Explore your city’. The children decorated their class soft board with zest to showcase the incomparable beauty of their city. They picturised a Kaliedoscope of all “Catchy” places in the city-the water cascades of Hirni & Dasham falls, the wide variety of “animal interactions” in the city zoo and the exquisite and enchanting cultural heritage of Ranchi at Rajrappa Mandir, Panchmari Mandir and Tagore hills. The exploration of art, craft and historical monuments provided them a great deal of knowledge.

Visit to JSCA Stadium

Date: 9th August 2017   The students of class V were taken to JSCA stadium on 18th August, 2017. The excitement level of the kids was at its realm as they approached the stadium. The students were awestruck to see the grandeur of the stadium. The stadium serves Jharkhand State Cricket Association to organize international matches in Jharkhand. The field seemed to be covered with velvety green carpet of grass. The children took a round of the stadium and the teachers told the students about the importance of outdoor games and its necessity in the modern life. The students poured in many queries about the stadium and game of cricket which were patiently answered by the teachers. The kids enjoyed having lunch of their choice with their friends. It was a pleasure to see innocent children sharing their favourite eatables with their friends. This event helped the kids enhance their knowledge of outdoor games especially cricket which is their passion.

MY Dream India

A healthy competition for class III to V was held to adorn the class soft board. The topic was ‘My Dream India’. The students worked hard to make their board look eclectic and visually appealing.

The following classes bagged the prize


Away from Monotony,Close to Nature

Teacher’s Day

Our little ones put in incredible effort to appease the teachers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. The stage seemed to be filled with colourful butterflies fluttering in tune with the music and song.

Visit to Oxygen Park

Date:22nd November 2017   the students of class III were taken to Oxygen Park at Morabadi, Ranchi. It was really fun for the students to explore a place like that. The greenery in that park was very soothing to the eyes. They enjoyed the swings and had a jovial time. They also saw ponds named Surya Kund and Ganesh Kund. The fragrance of the flowers lent a sweet charm to the whole atmosphere and filled the minds of the students with great enthusiasm.

A visit to Nakshatra Van

The students of class IV got a golden opportunity to visit the Nakshatra Van which is located in front of Raj Bhavan in the month of July, 2017. The lush green trees and open space soothed the eyes and relaxed the minds of students. The kids came closer to nature and were thrilled to be away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city life. They had the privilege to have their lunch with their friends in the lap of nature at its splendour. This visit helped children to relax and refresh. The gleam on their faces brightened the day of the teachers too.

Inter House Board Decoration Competition

A healthy Inter House Board Decoration competition was held to boost up the students’ creativity and elicit in them the sense of responsibility. This activity brought out their hidden skills to exhibit their house board extraordinary. They really made their house board visually appealing.

Result of Inter House Board Decoration Competition


Inter House Essay Writing Competition

Essays are important part in the learning process of languages. The child will be given opportunity to improve his/her writing skills by writing an essay. The topics for the Essay competition are varying from class to class.
This type of activity teaches them discipline in writing. It induces them to read and think. For this the child is to consult books other than his texts. Thus it helps to develop the habit of reading. It creates a healthy competition among the students. It makes the child more and more careful, polished and artistic. Inter House English and Hindi Essay Writing Competition was held to give the students a chance to write their opinion and to express their outlook on current as well as on national issues.

Result of Inter House English Essay Writing Competition


Result of Inter House Hindi Essay Writing Competition


The Scholars in the Making

Harshik Kumar & Ashrita Rout have bagged medals in English, Maths, Informatics and Science Olympiad. They have made maintained the winning tradition of Bridgeford and made us proud.

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