Apart from being a basic need of every civilized society I would describe education as a choreographer that choreographs a society’s move in a perfect synchrony. It purges the society, trains the human souls in the pursuit of truth, practice of virtue, in the initiation of spiritual life and to nurture a sound body and a sound mind.
From the Indian perspective education is one of the six vedangas. We therefore have infused conventional and modern ideology in the teaching process. Traditional ideas help to achieve cultural, spiritual and religious knowledge where all kinds of faith, creeds religions, secular values etc. find space for a democratic setup. The modern theology stresses on upgraded teaching tools-smart classes, audio-visuals and multimedia teaching to help students pace neck to neck with the advancing world. Bridgeford School has earned a good name and fame for its strict discipline and a high standard of teaching which it maintains by several wealthy steps. We believe that the purpose of education is not simply to create education heads by to create individuals with sound values.

Seema Chitlangia

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