The school management committee consists of committed educationists & social workers of high standard and reputation. The chairman of the school,Mr. Narayan Jalan firmly believes that,

“Education is the priceless possession that one should pursue to acquire.”

My existence is “Bridgeford”.This I speak from the core of my heart. I recall the words of father that nudges my sensitivity “Shiksha Amulya Sampatti Hai”. How authentic & dominant the words are! These priceless words have become my torch bearer to enlighten my path that leads to the world of education. Since it inception in 2001, it was aimed to impart the best of education to the pupil and imbibe in them the very Indian spirit, culture and tradition to which we have negotiated several milestones and the endeavour remains everthirsty for more.
Bridgeford School is a hallmark of excellence & eminence. It aims at holistic development of the pupils whether it is formal education or civic activity outside the classroom. It not only focuses on scholastic sphere but also on creating thoughtful citizens. It strives to gain self esteem & confidence, learn how to learn, to teach students how to live,to inculcate ethics and to stand tall and proud.

The school emphasizes on innovative concepts of learning for crafting every mind with perfection. The introverts and the isolated are given special care so that they may not feel ignored and con bloom with confidence. We also strive for the artisitic endeavours among the students, postulating that creativity is crucial to the workforce of the future. Quality education is the motto of the school and we believe that the staff members will empower the children mentally and physically to explore the unexplored.

Mr. Narayan Jalan

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